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Cocktails have long played a critical central role in popular culture. Who can order a Cosmopolitan or a Martini shaken not stirred without immediately thinking of the characters that made them famous? Or how a cool character can make a drink like the White Russian hip again.

The marriage between alcohol and popular culture is what inspired this series. We wanted the viewer to be able to relate to drinks through a fantasy world rather than the regular A-Z cocktail guide.

Photography - Henry Hargreaves
Set design - Nicole Heffron



Photography studio AM London create professional portfolios, and headshots for high profile performers. The client wanted an identity to mirror their client base, astute, elegant and clever.

AM shoot on digital, this style of photography is centred on control. Studio work requires the manipulation of light with reflectors, grids and screens. Digital cameras have the advantage of changing exposure up or down. This is represented with the “+” and “-” symbol.

The outcome is both structured and dynamic. The brandmark adapting  to different collateral.



Christchurch based orthodontist practice, OrthoSouth, engaged ltdco to create a brand identity that was reflective of a modern business with a point of difference.

The brand mark was developed around the letters “TH”. Featuring in both words of the business name, and holding strong association with the words “teeth” and “tooth”, the “TH” is suspended in monospaced format alluding to the symmetry of a straight smile.


to Port

The Point to Port Marathon is a 42km coastal trail from the Point Leo Surf Club to the Portsea Hotel in Melbourne, Victoria.

ltdco were engaged to develop an identity for the pilot event. The arrows and rhythm of the P2P mark allude to a route followed from start to finish. The restrained blue palette assimilates sea and sky.



Casey Moore is a Fine Art Photographer from London. His images are shot primarily on large format black and white film. Hand printed in his darkroom, the prints hold immense detail.

ltdco decided to play on the intrinsic quality and process of darkroom printing for the identity. Depth of field, and the agitation of the chemicals filter into the design outcome.

We created a unique typeface using a dot matrix which represents film grain. Our execution shows depth and captures moments of fluidity.

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